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Add appropriate daily fee & trophy fees for TOTAL COST OF HUNT.
There will be a 5% convenience fee added to Credit Card payments
Daily hunting fee per hunter per day $150.00
Camp Trailer:  (Sleeps 4) per person per night  50.00
Non Hunting guest less than 10 yrs. old No Charge
Non Hunting guest 10 yrs. or older  50.00
No meals provided
Axis Bucks 3,500.00
Bison Cow 1,500.00
Fallow Bucks 3,250.00
Red Deer Stags - Scoring 0 to 349" 5,000.00
                            Scoring 350" or more 6,500.00
Red Deer Hines - Meat Hunt 700.00
Wild Hogs:  $1.00 per lb. live weight
$50.00 min.
All other species can be available upon request.
Bounty (a bounty will be paid for Bobcats or Coyotes presented to ranch owner) 50.00
Ranch Rules: 
   Any animal hit any where on it's body or if we find blood, meat, hair or see/hear
   that it has been hit will be considered a wounded animal and will be charged the 
   full trophy fee. 
   Littering of any kind will not be tolerated
   Small game is off limits without prior approval by ranch owner
   Rifle caliber must be appropriate for desired game
   All hunters must have a valid Texas Hunting License


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